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Windy Hill Alpacas - Farm News & Events

  • We will be shearing our alpaca herd in Spring 2009.  If you are interested in watching or helping, please give us a call at 865-767-3187. You are welcome to attend!
  • Every Thursday we are open to the public for farm visitation between the the hours of 11 am and 5 pm. During the spring and summer, please call ahead of time for we might be out of town on vacation or business.  Please call 865-767-3187 for an appointment.
  • Besides raising alpacas, Mary England writes under the pen of E.J. Clark and has authored an international best seller,  THE ARK OF MILLIONS OF YEARS.  Click here to visit the book's website.
  • We are proud to announce that we took four alpacas to the 2006 SEAA show in Shelbyville and brought home four ribbons!
1.  Viracocha - 3rd place in medium fawn juvenile males
2.  Muribeca - 3rd place in bay black juvenile females
3.  Quetzals Feathers - 5th place in light fawn juvenile males
4.  Cuyaba - 6th place in bay black juvenile females

Windy Hill Alpacas was an award winning farm for 2002. The Grainger County Soil Conservation District awarded our farm as the best grassland farm in the district for the year. This means that our pastures are top notch!



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