Alpaca Fleece

Silky alpaca fleece is even rarer than cashmere. The fineness of alpaca hair (between 16 and 30 microns in width), the length (from 8 to 12 cm), and its hollow, insulating core give alpaca fiber a smooth, velvet, and light weight softness. 

Alpaca fleece is warmer and lighter than wool, yet stronger and far more durable. Many who are allergic to wool, can wear alpaca without problems. Wool can be "itchy", not so with alpaca fleece. 

Alpaca fur grows naturally in many shades, from white to black; with all the grays and browns in between; the fleece dyes to glorious color as well. Alpacas are sheared at the onset of warm weather. The first clip of the shearling alpaca, called baby alpaca, provides a cloud soft fiber that is even more prized. 

The price for adult fleece is $2.00 - $5.00 per ounce, depending. Allowance will be made for some loss due to cleaning the fiber. This will vary from fleece to fleece as some fur will be clean on shearing. Our prime blanket fleece will average 4 to 5 pounds in weight. The price of baby alpaca fleece is $8.00 per ounce. 

To reserve a fleece contact us by email, phone, or regular mail. We will verify your order, put your order on a waiting list in the order in which we receive them, and will contact you just prior to shearing.  

Alpaca Yarn for Sale

Brown Alpaca Yarn Skeins, Sport Weight, approximately 4oz each, with 50 yards to each ounce (200 yards total).  Price:  $6.00 per ounce (plus shipping).


We also have other colors available, such as white, light brown, dark fawn, light fawn, grey and taupe.  Email if you would like to see pictures of the yarn in different colors.


You may contact us via email or call Wayne or Mary via telephone (865-767-3187) to place an order.  



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