Windy Hill Alpacas was an award winning farm for 2002. The Grainger County Soil Conservation District awarded our farm as the best grassland farm in the district for the year. This means that our pastures are top notch!

Windy Hill Alpacas - Farm History 

In 1994, we (Mary and Wayne England of Tazewell, Tennessee), purchased a 240 acre farm, located half way between Rutledge and Bean Station, Tennessee, on Highway 11W. It is approximately 35 miles north of Knoxville, Tennessee. 

We built a new home, made farm improvements and began raising cattle, but at the same time we were exploring new ways to make our farm more profitable.

Wayne and Mary England

On a business trip to Mexico, Wayne was reading an article on alpacas which was featured in an Alaskan airline magazine. When he returned home he asked me (Mary) what I thought about raising alpacas. I replied, "For years I had said that when I retired I wanted to raise llamas. I reckoned an alpaca was close enough." (Wayne was surprised that I even knew what an alpaca was). 

After doing some alpaca research and attending several alpaca shows, WINDY HILL ALPACAS was established in 1997. We started the business by purchasing 2 geldings to "experiment" on caring for them. We wanted to see if we could give them the proper care and to determine if we liked tending to alpacas. To date, our herd has increased to over 40 beautiful alpacas. 

Besides tending the animals, we raise our own blend of grass for alpaca and cattle hay. 

In addition, Wayne enjoys growing a vegetable garden and I like to can. We also have a blue bird trail, consisting of numerous nesting boxes. I plan to register the trail with the North American Blue Bird Society

On January 1, 2000, after lengthy careers, we retired to a stress-free life style of  farming, tending cattle and raising alpacas. My husband, Wayne, was an executive and part owner of England/Corsair Furniture Manufacturing Company, in Tazewell, Tennessee, that recently was bought by La-Z-Boy. He retired after 37 years with the company. Mary, his wife (that's me), was a certified registered nurse anesthetist. I retired after 371/2 years of being the head of the anesthesia department of the Claiborne County Hospital, also located in Tazewell. Neither of us had prior experience in farming or animal good! We are now in our 60's and if we can do it.........ANYONE CAN !


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